I. Mission Statement

A. The Tribal Enrollment Office is supervised by the Secretary's Office and the duties of the Tribal Enrollment Office are set forth in the Constitution and the Enrollment Ordinance. It is the mission of this department to provide custodial responsibilities of the tribal membership rolls and to give priority to keeping the tribal rolls current. We ensure that no person is enrolled unless they meet all eligibility criteria.

B. The timely processing of new membership applications which shall be approved and disapproved by the Executive Committee.

C. Annotating the roll to reflect deceased members.

D. Recording official name changes and/or changes of address.

E. Prompt reply to questions and confirmation of enrollment.

Funds are appropriated from the BIA, to the Enrollment Department to provide for two full time employees: salaries, fringe, office supplies, travel, training, telephone & postage. Employees are responsible for insuring that all items A. through E., under Mission Statement are carried out.

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