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The Diabetes and Wellness Education Program is offered at the Absentee Shawnee Tribal complex and at the AST Clinic in Little Axe. The program provides diabetes and wellness education to Absentee Shawnee Tribal members, tribal employees, and Native Americans in the surrounding counties. To learn more, sign up for any activity, or exercise, podiatry, or diabetes education please call 405-360-0698 or fax us at 405-573-6734 for Little Axe. Please stop by the office any time to meet the staff and learn more about program activities.

The goals of the program are to decrease the prevalence and/or the complications of diabetes, by assisting people to make healthy lifestyles choices. These choices include eating healthy, becoming more active, weight loss and reducing stress. The program provides education and information that is culturally based and sensitive to the needs of the individual. Special emphasis on prevention and individualized help and support is available to people who have or are at risk for diabetes.

Exercise and why it is so important for everyone:

   Although most people are aware that exercise is good for your health, for many people the most strenuous exercise they get is climbing a flight of stairs at the end of the day. The list of excuses people give for not exercising is seemingly endless. They say they are not athletically inclined, that work takes up all their time, they are too tired, overweight or out of condition. In fact though, exercise is accessible to everyone, and it doesn’t need to take much time. Just keep moving in any way throughout the day. Here is just a reminder what exercise can do for you and your health. Regular Exercise can benefit your health in so many ways besides losing those unwanted pounds from the holidays, it also helps strengthen your muscles, bones, and increase endurance that can help you reduce the risk of injury and illness. Exercise also helps your lungs take in more oxygen, lowers heart rate, cholesterol, blood pressure which reduces risk of heart attacks, strokes, and it can also help prevent or help manage type Diabetes. Exercise can also help improve your self esteem, skin, digestive system, circulation and reduce risk of hardening of the arteries. Exercise reduces stress and also helps your quality of sleep. These reasons alone should be enough to start wanting to put yourself first and start making small steps towards being a better you with a better life.

Wellness Center Locations:

Little Axe Resource Center
1970 156 Ave NE
Norman, OK 73026
(405) 364-7298


Fitness Program Manager: Buster Bread (405) 364-7298
Little Axe Fitness Specialist: Christina Wiens (405) 364-7298
Little Axe Fitness Facility Director: Rosie Tallbear (405) 364-7298
Diabetes Administrative Assistant: Sidna Mckane (405) 360-0698
Community Health & Prevention Services Director: Patricia Yarholar, MPH, CHES (405) 360-0698
Diabetes and Wellness Director: Jimmi Norris, RN, CDE (405) 360-0698
Diabetes Case Manager: Margaret Starkey, RN, CDE (405) 360-0698

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